Battery Labeling

Packaging for batteries must be attractive, durable and protective for both the product and the consumer handling it. We use trim and perforated die tooling to provide precise profiles, typically with pressure-sensitive shrink adhesive labels designed specifically for cylindrical containers and produced with highly precise die cutting, lamination and application processes. We use a labeler to apply the labels and a heat tunnel to shrink them to the batteries.

In order to protect consumers while they are handling batteries, our labels provide a safe, secure and highly functional barrier between the battery and the consumer. The labels are wrapped and shrunk to the top and bottom of the battery cell preventing the battery from shorting out.


PS Shrink ^

PS Shrink X

Best suited for cylindrical containers such as batteries, pressure-sensitive shrink labels are flexible to fit varied sizes of containers, applied with a labeler and conveyed through a heat tunnel to shrink to the container. Our die cutting and application is highly precise. Our battery labels provide a decorative yet functional barrier between the battery and the consumer, wrapped over the top and bottom edges for safety purposes. The labels are highly specialized and functional, yet attractive, available in metallic or white.