Pressure-Sensitive ^

Pressure-Sensitive X

Pressure-sensitive labels are ideal for companies that want a “no-label look” for their packaging of bottles and other containers used in pharmaceuticals, personal care and other products. We use combination printing presses to deliver superior-quality graphics using sustainable and cost-effective clear label materials finished with customized varnishes that match the finish of either matte or gloss packaging. We offer a premium, contemporary look with unlimited design options that nonetheless are efficient and cost-effective. For a premium look, our proprietary LUXeffects can be added.

PS Shrink ^

PS Shrink X

Best suited for cylindrical containers such as batteries, pressure-sensitive shrink labels are flexible to fit varied sizes of containers, applied with a labeler and conveyed through a heat tunnel to shrink to the container. Our die cutting and application is highly precise. Our battery labels provide a decorative yet functional barrier between the battery and the consumer, wrapped over the top and bottom edges for safety purposes. The labels are highly specialized and functional, yet attractive, available in metallic or white.

Shrink Sleeves ^

Shrink Sleeves X

Our shrink sleeve labels employ innovative decoration that is produced with metallic silver and color ink technology, yielding full, high-end graphics with 360 degrees of decoration that are appropriate for intricately shaped containers of multiple sizes and distinctive shapes. The labels are printed on clear, trans-direction shrink materials, die cut with perforations or opening features, slit to width, seamed into tubes and finished as rolls or sheets. We also have the ability to distort graphics to shrink with the package so that their attractiveness is not diminished with use.

Extended Content ^

Extended Content X

Our extended content labels are printed on clear or white pressure-sensitive material, paper booklets or leaflets with clear lamination. The manufacturing of extended content labels includes multiple converting steps such as printing, folding, inserting, laminating, die cutting and slitting into finished rolls. Extended content labels can be printed with continuous folds or individual pages and typically are used for drug facts, product information written in multiple languages, small packages and promotional coupons. They also are suitable for booklets, promotional packaging and over-the-counter informational packaging and can be produced with cost-effective designs and short lead times, making them appropriate for content that needs to be added at the last minute.

Shrink Band ^

Shrink Band X

Highly suitable for medical and pharmaceutical products, our shrink band labels provide product protection consumers can rely upon with precise, tamper-evident seals for caps and lids. With low costs and shorter lead times, they are an economical way to add product protection. They also provide a high level of brand security, and frequently are used for promotional multi-pack displays.

Custom Solutions ^

Custom Solutions X

We have the capability and capacity to produce highly customized labeling and packaging solutions to meet any need through a combination of materials and printing technologies. For instance, we have produced specific shapes with patented design features (such as NGD tabs on booklets), as well as more standard hang tags, inserts or coupons for promotions or special instructions. We also have produced customized solutions for everything from cucumber eye pads to anti-wrinkle cream kits, just a sampling of the wide variety of solutions our specialists can develop.

Resealable ^

Resealable X

Our resealable packaging solutions enable consumers to reclose the packaging of multiple-use products to ensure freshness or avoid spillage or leakage. Using cost-effective materials, resealable packaging can be produced at low cost to provide continued access inside the package without compromising the integrity of foods, single-supply cleaning products and other items such as makeup removal wipes. Our designs can support large volumes of text in smaller spaces, such as over-the-counter pharmaceutical information labeling

Brand Security Solutions

Our proprietary technologies meet the unique needs of our diverse customer base, including authentication and security features that confirm the genuineness of products and expose tampering, counterfeiting or other malpractice.

Covert ^

Covert X

Using proprietary and standard processes, we can discreetly protect products using such techniques as micro-printing, invisible inks, covert taggents and fluorescent varnishes. These also can be designed to provide evidence of tampering.

Semi ^

Semi X

Using microprint as small as 0.5 point as well as tamper slits, thermochromic inks, patterned adhesives and block-out material, we can produce semi-customized solutions to ensure product safety and security.

Custom ^

Custom X

Customized labeling and packaging solutions can be created to meet project-specific needs. These can include features such as micro-printing, fluorescent varnishes, taggents, thermochromic ink, color-shifting ink, holograms, patterned adhesives, customized shapes with tamper slits, anti-copy graphics, tamper-evident materials, serialization, radio frequency identification and unique numbering. These also can be used to detect and prevent counterfeiting of popular products.

Safety Seals ^

Safety Seals X

We can integrate ink-foil technology into safety seals to produce tamper-evident labels that are capable of shipping safely. Our unique ink technologies can provide customizable features with a combination of effects and features.