LUXeffects is Lux Global Label’s proprietary and award-winning decorative portfolio that combines superb cost-effective decorative effects solutions with low environmental impact. LUXeffects packaging stimulate the sense of touch and bring graphics to life using creative special effects solutions and an industry-leading design and manufacturing process.



A more cost-effective alternative to expensive hot foil/cold stamping without sacrificing the desired look. This affordable premiumization results in a label with aisle-stopping reflectivity that costs 10% to 15% less than one produced via traditional hot foil/cold foil decoration.

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Additional LUXeffects

LUX 3D ^


  • Transparent or metallic;
  • Dynamic motion patterns & imagery including rainbows, bubbles, droplets, circles and custom designs;
  • Production-efficient; and
  • Low environmental impact.

pearl-LUX ^

pearl-LUX X

  • Lustrous, silky-satin pearlescent effects;
  • Neutral silver-white;
  • New color palette possibilities;
  • Low environmental impact; and
  • Maintains reflectance at any level on shelf.

LUX touch ^

LUX touch X

  • Raised tactile feel;
  • Enhances other LUX special effects;
  • Wide range of special effects including glitter and custom colors; and
  • Velvety soft varnish.

LUX interactive ^

LUX interactive X

  • Glows in the dark;
  • Thermochromatic – changes color with temperature changes;
  • Photochromic – changes color in UV light; and
  • Scented.

spectra-LUX ^

spectra-LUX X

  • Diffractive white-silver with rainbow effect;
  • Spectacular iridescent colors;
  • New color palette possibilities;
  • Production-efficient; and
  • Low environmental impact.